We use only the best paints

We think that every great work starts with great materials – we don’t take chances.


Benjamin Moore

Color, technology, innovation, and leadership define Benjamin Moore & Co. For more than a century, succeeding in these areas has motivated all who work here, and continues to inspire and direct our growth today. Since 1883, we’ve created and sold products that preserve, protect, and beautify our homes, buildings, and structures. We excel at creating a portfolio of products that our customers desire and demand.

With our acquisition in 2000 by Berkshire Hathaway, Benjamin Moore joined a family of companies under the direction of Warren Buffett, which embodies success and is distinguished by sustainable brands that shine through the clutter of competition. We continue to be at the forefront of product innovation, with a commitment to research and development unrivaled in the architectural coatings industry. At Benjamin Moore laboratories and manufacturing facilities, our scientists and technicians work to exceed the already superior application, performance properties, and environmental safety of our products. Our commitment to color inspires an ongoing search for the perfect hues, the ones that lead our customers to claim: “that’s the color I want.” Independent retailers – our primary distribution channel – do more than sell our products. With our help, they provide the service and tools that give customers confidence about their product choices, color selections, and their ability to get the best results possible. And we embrace a company tradition of giving back. Across North America, Benjamin Moore is preserving historic structures, protecting the environment, and supporting programs that enrich our communities.

More than a century of commitment to producing superior products and unrivaled colors has its rewards: Our paint is the number one choice of interior designers. People who choose our products know they’ll get the inspiration and support to make their vision reality. They depend on our extraordinary colors and product performance. Their trust defines Benjamin Moore.


In 1883, Benjamin Moore and his brother Robert opened Moore Brothers in Brooklyn, New York. True entrepreneurs, they started with $2,000 and one product, “Moore’s® Prepared Calsom Finish,” which was sold exclusively through independent retailers. Moore Brothers built their company on Benjamin Moore’s belief in “the exercise of intelligent industry in the spirit of integrity,” and a dedication to manufacturing excellence and quality.


Today, Benjamin Moore & Co., a Berkshire Hathaway company, is a high-performing, innovative manufacturer and retailer of quality coatings and provider of related goods and services for decoration and preservation. We continue as a leader in the architectural coatings industry with products that set new standards of excellence. We manufacture at 7 plants, distribute from 22 facilities, and sell the finest paints, stains, and finishes through a network of more than 4,000 independent retailers across North America.


Sherwin-Williams Paints

Sherwin-Williams Paints

We’re Putting Green Ideas to Work

At Sherwin-Williams, we’ve pioneered the use of environmentally-preferable solutions in our business practices by:

  • Reducing waste and conserving natural resources in manufacturing facilities
    Using sophisticated software to determine distribution routes to minimize fuel
  • Increasing the use of biodiesel fuel
  • Becoming a U.S. EPA SmartWaysm Transport Partner as a shipper/carrier
  • Implementing recycling programs at offices, stores and distribution centers
  • Installing energy efficient systems at all new plant facilities
  • Pioneering the use of renewable or sustainable raw materials in some formulations
  • Using blown-in-line colorant bottles that use less resin, save freight costs and reduce the volume of hazardous waste
  • Filling our GreenSure designated paints in sustainable plastic containers made from 100% recycled post-consumer resin with labels containing 75% recovered fiber and 25% post-consumer waste, printed with soy ink

Meeting the Toughest VOC Regulations

We’ve found innovative ways to make coatings that are compliant with even the most stringent VOC limits. A wide selection of our products already meet new guidelines for industrial and architectural applications, and we offer a variety of products that qualify for LEED-certified projects.

What is EcoVision™?

EcoVision is our company-wide commitment to look for and implement ways that reduce our impact on the environment. It’s a shared and ongoing vision that all Sherwin-Williams employees can help achieve.


Sherwin-Williams is committed to being a recognized leader in the development of sustainable processes, products and activities that preserve natural resources, protect the environment, and contribute to social improvement.

We consider the environmental impact of our actions and we promote the conservation of natural resources.

We develop new products and processes that are innovative, and reduce the environmental impact throughout the life cycle of their use.

We measure progress and hold ourselves accountable for making continuous improvement, reporting our progress and making legitimate claims.

We respect the customs, cultures and social needs in all communities where we conduct business.

We expect every employee to take responsibility for reducing our impact on the environment.